Tampa Group Photographer

There is a wonderful opportunity in Tampa for boards, organizations, and associations to have an incredibly impressive group photograph taken. I’m talking about one single image where everyone in it looks their absolute best. It exists in the capable, knowledgeable, and experienced hands of Tampa’s most experienced professional group photographer – Kevin Newsome of Newsome’s Studio of Photography.


  • You can’t get all 13 people in one place at the same time for your group photographer
  • Even if you did, only four of them look great, five look “okay” and the last four look like hell (this is just a totally made-up statistic to support my case, but deeply rooted in reality)


  • Contact Newsome’s Studio, Tampa’s group photographer expert, at 813-968-2810
  • Schedule a date/time where “most” of them can be in one place at the same time (preferably in the morning, because everyone looks and feels their best early in the day)
  • Send those who couldn’t be there, to Newsome’s Studio later in the week

Newsome’s has perfected the process for Tampa’s busy, high powered execs, to be composited into a single, convincing, well composed image, giving new life and meaning to your association’s board photo, officer photo, or partner photo, resulting in the CEO exclaiming, “FINALLY, everyone looks PERFECT!” An image that can now be proudly displayed as a banner shot on your “Meet the Team,” “About Us,” or “Executive Board” page.

An experienced group photographer makes all the difference in the world, and the Tampa, St Pete area is home to the best. The following images shown here, are all “composites.” The members of these boards and associations were not all in the image when taken, some were photographed separately at the time, some in groups of two or three, and a few were taken at the studio, days later. The key is, for the groups to all rely on the experience and direction of their Tampa group photographer, then leave it to him to select the best image and finalize the group photograph.