It’s that time again… the deadline for submitting your application for the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery is November 17, 2017. You’re going to need a passport-styled image, but it’s not a printed 2x2″ photo, it’s digital-submission only, so you’ll need a 600x600 pixel JPEG.

The most difficult thing to provide the US Government, is an image where someone who knows nothing about the shapes and sizes of the human head, has been tasked with writing guidelines on what size YOUR head must be, and where, within that noggin, your eyes must exist. Trust me, no two heads were created equal, but Newsome’s Studio has made it our goal to navigate the nonsense of head sizes required by a government bureaucrat into a perfectly acceptable DV Lottery Photo.

Give Newsome’s Studio a call at 813-968-2810 and in less than ten minutes, you’ll have a digital file, all set to upload to the DV Lottery application website.

Don’t miss the deadline! November 17th is it! Call us today!