Tampa Corporate Event Photographer

Tampa Corporate Event Photographer

Nearly ten years ago, I shifted my focus from wedding photographer to corporate event photographer, based in Tampa but available for travel throughout the US. I directed my talents to photo-journalistically covering corporate event photography, award banquets, and conventions. My documentary style is designed to assist my clients in promoting that event over social media in real-time, by providing low res JPEGS on a daily basis, then high res JPEGS after the event, so they may begin building their promotional material for their next event.

Attention: Event Planners…

You are going to invest a lot of time, effort, and money into planning your convention, awards banquet, or business event. Don’t skimp on hiring a professional photographer. Why? Because you know good and well that an experienced event photographer has the talent to know how to make your efforts pay off in high quality imagery. Rates for our corporate events are based on our client’s product needs and time required. If you are responsible for planning your company’s events and award banquets or conventions, give Newsome’s Studio a call and allow us to show you how we can help to showcase your hard work.

Documentary Photography Coverage

My style is very candid, photo journalistic, documentary and storytelling, creating imagery that nets commercially useful images in highlighting your event to help promote your next one. The underlying theme in corporate event photography coverage, often includes these four areas:

  • Presenters (awards presentation, speakers, programs)
  • Attendees (audience, participants, conventioneers)
  • Environment (room pull-back shots, venue, ambiance)
  • Details (close up of decorations, table settings, logo’d signage, etc).

The goal is to document those four segments so well, that when combined, will provide the viewer/client with a complete picture of not only what took place, but provide them with images that will be used to promote next year’s event.

Available for Travel

My clients respect and value the experience and knowledge I bring to their assignment, and endorse my work over and over again by continuing to commission me for their events, year after year. I’m available for travel, and have recently covered events in Atlanta, Chicago, Palm Springs (4), Miami Beach (4), New Orleans, Austin, Orlando (countless), Los Angeles, Las Vegas (2), San Francisco, Charleston, Nashville, Tampa (countless), and St Petersburg (countless).

Client references available upon request.