Tampa Senior Graduation Pictures

If you’d like to have professional Tampa senior pictures taken of your high school student, Newsome Photography is the professional photographer you’re looking for. These photos can’t compare to traditional school portraits – they are truly one of a kind!

When you receive your Tampa senior portraits, they can be shared with friends and family. With attention to detail, state-of-the-art photography equipment and a focus on natural expressions, we’re confident that you and your family will enjoy the pictures for years to come!

What’s Included with Our Senior Portraits in Tampa FL?

Here at Newsome Photography, we love capturing the true character and spirit of the people we’re photographing. While there’s a time and place for staged photos, there’s something magical about being able to photograph high school seniors as though they were hosting their own comedy hour.

Our Tampa graduation portraits include one or two traditional images, a few casual portraits and bumper shots. What are bumper shots, you ask? Bumper shots are a fresh take on Tampa senior pictures, though we can’t take credit for the idea. We have Saturday Night Live to thank!

To bring bumper shots to life, we will have your child get animated and show off their talents and personality. There’s no limits as to what they can do – it’s all about them and creating senior pictures in Tampa FL that capture their unique personalities.

Benefits of Having Professional Senior Portraits in Tampa FL

Senior year is a big deal. Once your child graduates and moves onto college, things will be different. They might even be doing their own laundry! Here are some of the benefits to hiring a professional for graduation portraits in Tampa FL.

  • No rush. Take your time and get the photos you want!
  • At Newsome’s Studio of Photography, we won’t box you into the same stale look that the school’s photographer is limited to. As session at Newsome’s will include a few classic senior pictures, followed by a collaboration of your imagination and ours!
  • Choose whether you’d like to have your senior photographed at home, the park the beach, or in our studio.

Your child only graduates once from high school. Make it count and schedule your Tampa senior pictures today!