Tampa Canadian Passport Photographer

If you’ve ever had passport photos taken, you know just how horrible they can be! You may not be using the photo for anything special other than to get across the border, but why should your photo look terrible? Why not get in touch with a Tampa Canadian passport photographer to get a high quality passport photo that has you looking your absolute best?

Newsome’s Studio of Photography is one of the most experienced professional photographers in the passport world. Our Canadian passport photographer in Tampa FL provides passport pictures for all countries. Whether you’re a citizen of Canada, the UK, China, Australia, or any European or South and Central American country, we can take care of you.

Why Go Pro for Your Passport Photos?

So, what makes our Tampa passport photographer a cut above the rest?

First, our passport photographer in Tampa FL uses a professional lighting system and one of the best cameras available on the market. The lighting system ensures that your face is clear and detailed, while our state-of-the-art camera provides a crisp, quality photo that is sure to please the passport officials in any country they are submitted.

Second, Newsome’s Studio of Photography has a strong, working knowledge of each country’s requirements and how to make them happy. In this day and age, governments of other countries are far more strict than in the US, therefore it’s imperative that you have a Tampa Canadian passport photographer that understands the requirements involved. Countries are all different, and we’re experienced in providing the correct size and backgrounds of each country, and make you look your very best.

Foreign and Domestic Passport Photos

In addition to passport photos, we can also provide you with photos for the following:

  • ID photos
  • DV lottery image
  • International Driving Permit (IDP) photo
  • Weapons permit photo
  • Citizenship
  • Immigration
  • Passports/visas
  • Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card

Save time and hassle when dealing with the Canadian Consulate by scheduling a session a Consulate-Approved professional photographer who serves all of the Tampa/St Pete area, with our Tampa Canadian passport photographer. Appointments are quick and easy, and you’re guaranteed a quality product at the end that will ensure safe travels. Call Newsome’s Studio Photography today to book your appointment.


For more information on Canadian Passport Photos, or that of any other country, please CLICK HERE to visit our Passport Photo page.