St Petersburg Photo Restoration

Have you found an old photo and you’re not sure what to do with it? If you fix it up with St Petersburg photo restoration, you can offer copies to your family and keep one for yourself. Hang it on your wall for inexpensive art work, use it to enhance your antique collection or simply add it to a family photo album to share with your children. Old photos are treasures, and with St Petersburg restore old pictures, you and future generations can enjoy them forever!

Award-Winning Retouch Artist

Kevin Newsome is an award-winning retouch artist who has years of experience restoring old photographs. Some of the issues that have been restored include water damage, light damage and ripped/torn photos. With a fresh copy in your hands, you can display the old photo proudly on your wall or an accent table. The ability to St Petersburg restore old pictures opens up new conversation pieces in the home!

Here is what you can expect from our St Petersburg photo restoration process.

  • Bring us your copy of the photo you found
  • We will produce a high res scan of the photo or create a high res digital negative
  • The scanned photo is then repaired using the latest restoration software
  • The repaired version of the photo is uploaded to the lab to be printed
  • You can pick up both photos. Your original photo will be kept safe and secure – and it will never leave our studio!
Improving Images

While most of our photo restoration in St Petersburg FL centers on heirloom photos, it is possible for us to improve or enhance important photos. Need your teeth whitened? Skin blemishes removed? Maybe you want to add or remove a person from your photo. We won’t ask why! Let us know and we can use our cutting-edge software and technology to make the adjustments.

For a quote on St Petersburg photo restoration, call Newsome’s Studio of Photography today!