St Petersburg Contemporary Photography

St Petersburg contemporary photography? Newsome’s Studio of Photography has over 30 experience in working with families, children, and high school seniors who are in search of modern-day family art. Whether in the studio or on-location, more and more people are choosing to dress fashionably and have their portraits taken to represent this time in their life. Contemporary photography often means unscripted, improv-action portraiture. The idea is to get you out of the stale look of a traditional old school portrait, and into an exciting new look that has a commercial appeal.

Contemporary Photography in the Studio?

If you want a natural, modern photograph of your family or high school senior, Newsome’s Studio of Photography is confident that we can deliver the end result you’re looking for. Some of the things that we do in our contemporary photography St Petersburg are:

  • Photograph the family either as individuals, or segmented groups, then composite everyone into the perfect panoramic family portrait
  • Encourage “interaction” between subjects, landing a more candid and editorial look
  • Find the “relationship factor” between family members and build your family portrait by highlighting those relationships

Ultimately, St Petersburg contemporary photography is really all about connecting the family within a family. Mom and Dad, sisters, brothers, and the relationships with each other. There is no better time to capture that connection than right now.

St Petersburg Environmental Photography

Another option that can achieve the desired results is to photograph your family either outdoors or at your home. You and your children can easily engage with each other, and allow the photographer to capture what comes natural. The results that come from St Petersburg environmental photography are lifestyle in nature, and net amazing results.

To book your appointment for St Petersburg contemporary photography, call Newsome Photography. We look forward to helping you create a contemporary family heirloom!