Are you in need of Canadian passport photos? Don’t settle for the passport photos taken by drugstores or the post office. If you want to have a passport photo that is measured in millimeters, you need to hire a professional St Petersburg Canadian passport photographer who is experienced in providing quality foreign passport photos.

Why Choose Newsome Photography as Your Canadian Passport Photographer in St Petersburg FL

At Newsome’s Studio of Photography, we have plenty of experience in taking passport photos for both the United States and all other countries. We regularly create international passport photos for Canada, the UK, Australia, Greece, and any other country requiring their passport photos to be measured in millimeters. This is important because we know what each country requires. Post offices and drugstores can only provide images measured as 2x2 inches. Every country has different requirements, different sizes, and different backgrounds. Only a professional photography studio can provide that.

Some of the photos our St Petersburg Canadian passport photographer offers are:

  • Visa
  • Citizenship
  • Passport
  • Permanent Residency
  • Green Card
  • Immigration
  • ID photos
  • DV Lottery images
  • International Driving Permit (IDP) photos
  • Weapons permit photos
Quality Passport Photos are Not Impossible

Newsome’s Studio of Photography is the go-to professional St Petersburg Passport photographer for all passport related needs. All of our work is guaranteed to pass, no matter how picky the passport clerks are!

Foreign passport photos are measured in millimeters, and each country has different requirements. For example, in Canada, photos must be 50x70mm and have a white or light background color. Additionally, the photos must be clear and sharp representing the natural skin tones with no glares or shadows. Newsome’s professional passport photographer in St Petersburg FL understands the strict guidelines and will ensure all passport requirements are met to avoid any application delays.

Save time, headaches and hassles by hiring a professional St Petersburg Canadian passport photographer. Newsome’s Studio of Photography is accepting appointments now!