Bumper Shots Take Tampa by Storm

Tampa’s High School seniors are required to go to their school’s contracted yearbook photographer to be in the yearbook, but they can go anywhere they want for images they wish to purchase for themselves and their family.

At Newsome’s Studio, we always offer to provide one or two “traditional” images, such as the tux or drape on a black background. There’s always going to be a need or a request to do this by the parents, particularly if they didn’t like the way the school photo came out. Then we move quickly into doing a few, more casual looks/outfits, that might involve sports, cheerleading, dance, or other interests. After that, it’s BUMPER SHOT TIME, folks!

That’s right, a Bumper Shot is a senior’s shot at looking like the guest host of Saturday Night Live! Google “SNL bumper shot” and get an idea of what the industry term for “bumper shot” means. Then go to the Newsome’s Studio Senior Pictures page on our website and see how we’ve applied it for high school seniors. We LOVE watching our seniors get animated and show off their comedic and improv talents for the camera. There really is no limit to the zany props they’ll show up with, or how we can employ it create a truly unique image for their senior year!

Tampa’s Bumper Shot Photographer is ready. Are you?