Tampa Copy and Restoration

Tampa Copy and Restoration of Old Photos

Tampa Copy and Restoration of old photos is an art form. Fortunately for you, Kevin Newsome is an award-winning retouch artist with years of experience at handling and restoring torn and faded photographs. Your original print will be well cared for during its brief stay at Newsome’s Studio of Photography.

There are times when you’ll stumble across an old image, maybe you’ll find it in a desk drawer, a shoe box, or a frame in the back of a closet. Maybe it’s an old family member, a great grandparent, or a childhood photo of yourself. It’s torn, weathered, cracked, or has water damage. You decide you’d like to have it restored and proudly displayed.

Old photographs are like relics from the past. Your ancestors invested heavily in them, and thought enough of their descendants (you), to go out of their way to provide you with this glimpse into their life. Treat these photographs like the treasures they are. That moment in time has the potential to either fade away, or be given a new life for YOUR descendants to continue to enjoy.

The process involves Kevin scanning or creating a digital negative of your image, doing the repair work by computer, then uploading the repaired version to the lab to have a new photograph made. Your treasured photograph will never leave the studio. You will get your original image back in the same condition it was before, but you will now have a NEW print, ready for future generations to enjoy. Reset the clock on the life of that treasure – that cherished moment in time.

Call Newsome’s Studio of Photography for fast, affordable, and accurate restoration of your treasured past. Allow them to restore and repair your old photos, so your children’s children’s children may enjoy them!