• Yes, you can go to the drug store to get your US Passport photo updated.
  • Yes, it’s very inexpensive and you don’t need an appointment.
  • Yes, they will use a low resolution, consumer grade, point and shoot camera, under fluorescent lighting conditions (explaining the green tint on your face), against a window shade (that’s going to be gray instead of the required white).
  • Yes, it has a good chance of being slightly blurry, because no flash was used to freeze the exposure
  • and yes, it has a chance of getting rejected by the US Passport Office for not conforming to their stated quality standards.

But hey, you got toothpaste while you were there, right? Good for you.

  • Yes, you can come to Newsome’s Studio of Photography for your US Passport photo.
  • Yes, it’s a little more expensive than a drug store and an appointment is highly recommended.
  • Yes, we will use a very high resolution, professional grade camera, and a professional three light with a reflector flash system (explaining the perfect color on your face), against a pure white background
  • Yes, it is guaranteed to be razor sharp, because that’s how we roll
  • and yes, it has a 100% chance of being accepted by the US Passport Office, not only conforming to their stated quality standards, but totally blowing them away.

But hey, I didn’t sell you any toothpaste. Sorry about that, but then again… I’m not a drug store pretending to be a photography studio.

Newsome’s Studio OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Where people go to have professional PHOTOGRAPHS taken. Not buy toothpaste.