Palm Springs Business Event Photography

Newsome’s Studio of Photography has a great deal of experience photographing corporate events such as conventions, trade shows and exhibits. We look forward to being your source for Palm Springs business event photography and capturing the very important details of your big day! Depending on the type of your corporate event, Newsome’s may be able to supply you with “social media ready” photos periodically throughout the day, allowing you to Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook the event as it unfolds. The fully-edited images from your event will be delivered within 72 hours, allowing you to begin building your marketing materials for next year’s event.

Palm Springs Corporate Photography

Taking photographs of corporate events is quite different from most private events. The venues present a wide variety of lighting conditions; outdoors and indoors, meaning the photographer you hire must be well versed in working in a host of conditions. Not to mention, business events are busy, crowded and noisy, so photographers must have a plan of action. What is the layout of the venue? What key individuals need to be photographed? What details are important to remember, and how can these images be useful to the client?

With our business event photography Palm Springs, you don’t want to worry about your photographer! Newsome’s is experienced working with people, remaining very low-key, and avoiding becoming a distraction to the flow of events. We will study the venue and schedule and be prepared for the unexpected. There is no underestimating the value of having someone with our level of experience on your team. And yes, your business event in Palm Springs is most definitely a team effort.

Professional Event Photography Done Right

By choosing Newsome’s Studio of Photography for your Palm Springs business event, you can enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard to put on and ensure that we will do it justice. Additionally, we don’t outsource any of our photography work to a pool of inexperienced “camera owners.” Hiring Newsome means you get Newsome. Your event will be handled by Kevin and/or Kaye, both of whom are full-time professional photographers.

Here are a few more things you can expect from our Palm Springs corporate photography.

  • Quick turnaround times on all photos
  • State-of-the-art camera equipment
  • Cutting-edge photo editing software
  • Stellar people skills and customer service
  • Free consultations/quotes
  • Competitive pricing

To view our services or book our Palm Springs business event photography, call Newsome Photography today.