Las Vegas Business Event Photography

Welcome to Newsome’s Studio of Photography where we offer a wide range of Las Vegas business event photography services. We will work closely with you to ensure that every part of your event is captured to perfection. We pay attention to the small details, whether it’s the signs hanging on the walls, the centerpieces on your tables or the interactions between guests. With Las Vegas corporate photography, you can tell a story of your event and entice even more people to join you next year!

Choosing Newsome Photography for Las Vegas Corporate Photography

Experience makes all the difference in this line of work, as photographing events requires the instinct to know how and when to instantly adapt to every possible lighting condition, and still net great images. Whether your event is held indoors in low light conditions, or outdoors in the bright Sunlight, you’re going to want your photographer to possess the experience to know how to handle it.

Another important aspect to business event photography in Las Vegas NV is proper planning. With so much going on at these events, photographers must have a game plan for who/what they are photographing and the best locations/times for taking portraits. It’s important not to be disruptive to the event, but rather blend in, capturing people in their natural state.

Four Areas of Coverage for Your Event

By choosing Newsome Photography for Las Vegas business event photography, you can expect that we will take a photo-journalistic approach. In other words, we will capture the right pictures that can be used to tell a story.

Here are the four things we focus on most when providing you with adequate coverage of your event:

  • Presenters (awards presentations, guest speakers)
  • Attendees (participants, guests, audience)
  • Environment (venue, ambiance, pull-back shots)
  • Details (decorations, table settings, signage)

You’ve worked hard to plan this corporate event. Give it the attention and professionalism it deserves with Las Vegas business event photography from Newsome Photography.